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Welcome to the Massive Links Directory affiliate program. We want to share with you the possibility to make money on a growing trend. Directories are being recognized for what they are able to offer the internet and users of the internet. By creating categories and having relevant sites within that category directories help put some structure to the internet. Individuals are starting to recognize this and are turning back to directories for their searches. Webmasters are also recognizing this and are taking advantage of the power of directories to drive targeted traffic to their sites.

What We Offer

25% Commission

No matter what the customer buys you'll make 25% commission from it. Presently Massive Links offers two listings, the Directory Listing and Premium Listing. The Directory Listing is presently at $39.99, and the Premium at $79.99. That means that you'll make $10 from the Directory Listing and $20 from the Premium. The great thing is that a large number of customers own more than one site and submit multiple times, which means that you'll be getting a commission for each sale..

As we add more products you'll be able to take advantage of the new products. If and when our prices go up you'll also benefit from the rate increase.

20% on all sub-affiliates commissions

We offer a two tier program. This means that if you sign someone up to our affiliate program you'll benefit from their sales. This is done to encourage recruitment and you benefit from it. Let's say that a sub-affiliate makes 50$ commission, you'll make 20% of the 50$ which turns out to be 10$. The commission that you make doesn't affect the sub-affiliates commission. The sub-affiliate makes 50$ and you make 10$. Imagine having 10 sub-affiliates each generating 50$ each. That's an extra 100$ a month just from their commissions, plus yours.

365 day cookie session

A cookie session is a small file that is downloaded to the customer's computer once they click your banner. This cookie will expire after 365 days. This means that when the customer returns to make the purchase any time with 365 days you'll get a commission and every time the customer comes back to make another purchase you'll make more commission.


A threshold is basically the minimum commission required before a payment will be issued. 50$ is the minimum required for you to get paid your commission.


You are allowed to buy through your own affiliate link. If you have sites that you would like to submit to the Massivelinks Directory simply click on your own banner and go through the submission process. You will get a commission from your own purchase giving you in effect a 25% discount on your submissions.


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