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1. Management and Organizational Effectiveness

CMOE helps companies and employees increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Site: www.cmoe.com

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2. Tim Luke Consulting

Tim Luke Consulting Ltd is a specialist consultancy that improves organisational performance through UK team development and executive coaching.

Site: www.timlukeconsulting.com

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3. Briefing Notes and Briefing Books

A free site that provides 312 pages of guidance and over 260 templates (each in MS Word and WordPerfect) for those who prepare briefing notes and briefing books for cabinet ministers and senior executives.

Site: www.writingforresults.net

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4. Desktop Guerrillas

Desktop Guerrillas provides computer support and consulting for small businesses and homes in Fairfield County. We offer solutions for everything from spyware prevention to email solutions and wireless networking.

Site: www.desktopguerrillas.com

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5. Independent Consulting Bootcamp

Guide to starting your own consulting business. A range of targeted information and resources to help you to understand the realities, make decisions, plan, set up and operate a consulting firm.

Site: www.independent-consulting-bootcamp.com

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6. Performance Business Sales System

Offering a business broking system for real estate agents who are looking to market and sell businesses in Australia. The system includes the latest techniques, report writing services, documentation, web-based software and selling tools.

Site: www.pbssystem.com.au

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7. Cost Reduction Services

Tefen helps businesses increase their service level in a cost reduction strategy with proven cost management methods.

Site: www.tefen.com

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8. Team Building Consultant

CMOE has been delivering team training with intact teams, cross-functional teams, and executive teams for more than 25 years and has worked with literally thousands of team members.

Site: www.cmoe.com

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9. Business Consulting Services

Xerox business consulting services deliver results, streamline and share your documents, and cut costs.

Site: www.xerox.com

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10. EDS IT Outsourcing Services

EDS offers an extensive array of technology and business solutions to help businesses maximize return on IT investments and improve business performance

Site: www.eds.com

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11. Adexa - Supply Chain Planning

Delivering enterprise business planning and solutions that link strategic, financial and supply chain planning.

Site: www.adexa.com

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Sales & Operations Planning Inventory Planning Global Planning Solutions Contact Us

12. Employee Performance Management: Grote Consulting

Creating and implementing best practices performance appraisal systems, performance improvement systems, and talent management systems

Site: www.groteconsulting.com

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Employee Performance Appraisal Performance Improvement Talent Management Business Keynote Speaker

13. Legionella Control and Prevention Services

Legionella control, prevention & environmental risk management services including risk assessments for Legionnairesí disease, expert witness, water treatment & hygiene services, training, water testing & laboratory analysis.

Site: www.legionellacontrol.com

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14. Mentorship Online

A mentoring web portal providing professional coaching and self-development tools and resources.

Site: www.mentorshiponline.com

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15. Strategic Organizational Change Consultanting

Dr. Michael Beitler, author, lecturer and workshop trainer, shows customers how to build and manage strategic change in organizations to maintain sustainable competitive advantages.

Site: www.mikebeitler.com

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16. Technical Change Associates

Technical Change Associates is a consulting firm that provides high-performance solutions at all company levels.

Site: www.technicalchange.com

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Practice Areas About Us Our Clients

17. Telecoms and Software Expert Advice

Advising on the commercial impact of technology and market changes in telecoms, software and IT services

Site: www.ovum.com

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18. Automotive Repair Shop Management

Elite Worldwide supplies solutions for automotive industry professionals, including marketing solutions, seminars, and events.

Site: www.eliteworldwidestore.com

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Auto Shop Management Automotive Consultants Automotive Business Consulting Automotive Business Dev.

19. Cabana Worldwide

Cabana Worldwide, which has its substantial presence in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Dubai, is a comprehensive company established by property and business consultant experts with excellent understanding of local economies, laws, and procedures.

Site: cabanaco.com

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20. Chemical Dynamics LLC

Full-service paint and coatings consulting firm offering services regarding paints and coatings, paint formulation, and paint failure.

Site: www.chemicaldynamics.net

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