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41. Logical Systems IC Adapters

Offers programming adapters, prototyping adapters, emulator adapters, SMT to thru-hole adapters and custom adapters.

Site: www.logicalsys.com

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PLCC Adapters SOIC Adapters SMT to Thru-hole Adapters 8051 Adapters

42. Lord Benex Bicycle Lights

Manufacturer of bicycle lights, outdoor LED flashlights, solar LED flashlights, LED torches as well as radio coolers.

Site: www.b2bledtorch.com

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Lord Benex Solar LED Flashligh Lord Benex LED Torches Bicycle Lights Lord Benex Radio Cooler

43. Manufacturer of Solar Powered Products

Manufacturers of various solar powered products such as; solar garden lighting, solar powered lighting and solar powered battery chargers.

Site: www.b2bsolarproducts.com

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44. Mario Game Machine: Cheer Jingle Electric

Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of arcade game machines, mainly producing Mario game machines, pinball machines, black jack game machines, basketball machines, crane machines and coin pushing machinery, etc.

Site: www.b2belectric-machinery.com

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Mario Game Machine Arcade Game Machines Basketball Machine Pinball Machine

45. Mini DV Camcorder-DigiLife Tech

A leading manufacturer specialized in mini dv camcorder and digital cameras.

Site: www.digilifeglobal.com

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DV Camcorder

46. North American Circuit Breaker Company

North American Breaker Co., NABCO, is a quality supplier of name brand circuit breakers for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Site: www.nabreaker.com

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About North American Breaker Contact North American Breaker Frequently Asked Questions NABCO Promotions

47. PCB Assembly

We specialize in prototype (5-30 pieces) through low volume assembly projects (50-1,000 pieces per year).

Site: www.bestoproto.net

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48. Shenzhen KTC Custom LCD

Manufacturer of custom LCD, LCD display, LCD monitors, LCD desktop monitors, LCD TVs, CRT monitors and SKD kits.

Site: www.b2blcd.com

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Shenzhen KTC LCD TV Shenzhen KTC LCD Monitors KTC LCD Desktop Monitors Shenzhen KTC LCD Display

49. Sound Plug XLR Connector

Specialized in XLR connectors such as mini XLR, XLR chassis, XLR plug, adapter, adapter and gooseneck micrphones.

Site: www.b2bconnectors.com

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50. Transistors

Semiconductor equipment & transistors from ONSemi.com.

Site: www.onsemi.com

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51. TV & PC Game Accessories

Manufacturer specializing in video game accessories and joysticks. Products include XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, GBM, iPod, NDS (Lite), Wii accessories, GAMECUBE, PC USB controller and related repairable parts.

Site: www.b2bgame-manufacturer.com

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Taiwanese manufacturer of capacitors resistors and inductors.

Site: www.leds-capacitors-manufacturer.com

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Capacitor manufacturer Resistor manufacturers Inductor manufacturers Electronic Components

53. Weiyi Optical Connectors

Specializes in fiber optic components, including fiber optic connectors, adapters, patch cord, patch panels, cables, splitters, media converters, ceramic ferrules, and FTTH solutions.

Site: www.b2bfiberoptic.com

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Weiyi Fiber Optic Adapters Weiyi Fiber Optic Patch Cords Weiyi Fiber Optic Patch Panels Weiyi FTTH Solution

54. Zifor Enterprise Ltd.

The manufatcurer offers quality RF coaxial cable connectors and adaptors, such as SEMI-RIGID series, Reverse Polarity series, as well as MMCX, MCX, MA, SMB, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3 series.

Site: www.asian-products.net

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RF Connector MMCX Connectors Coaxial Patching Connectors PAL Connectors

55. Zonoki Electronics Manufacturer

Manufacturer of wireless headphones, skype phones, MP3 transmitters, multi card readers, mobile phones, bluetooth phone headsets, MP3 players and MP4 players, mini speakers and Apple iPod accessories.

Site: www.electrical-manufacturer.com

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56. American Paper Optics

American Paper Optics, is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D glasses and other 3D products and is your one stop source for anything 3D.

Site: www.3dglassesonline.com

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57. Giocom LLC

Giocom LLC is a distributor of avionics and electronic components, related hardware and assemblies, and many additional services, with 20 years of industry experience.

Site: https:

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58. KWS Wireless Remote Control Supplier

Produces and designs wireless remote controls, some of which include radio frequency remote control, universal remote control, infrared remote control, common wireless remote control.

Site: www.b2b-wirelesslan.com

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Remote Controller Infrared Remote Controller Wireless RF Remote Control New Products

59. PPA Electronics

PPA Electronics is specialised in the repair of damaged and malfunctioning printed circuit boards (PCBs) for commercial and industrial customers.

Site: www.ppa-electronics.com

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