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1. World Known Iron Casting

Manufacturer of iron casting, gray iron casting and ductile iron casting part.

Site: www.castings-manufacturer.com

2. C10100 Copper Forgings By Weldaloy

Provides copper forgings C10100 OFE, C18200 chromium copper, C18150 chromium zirconium copper, C46400 naval brass. Get a free quote and see customer testimonials.

Site: www.weldaloy.com

3. Forwa Precise Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.

Plastic injection mold maker offers molding products such as automobiles, electronics and industrials.

Site: www.b2binjectionmolding.com

Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Mold Making Plastic Mold Maker Plastic Injection Mold

4. Fu Chia China Die Casting lies

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of zinc die casting, aluminum cast and electro plating.

Site: www.industrynet.com.tw

Zinc Die Casting Aluminum Die Casting Die Casting Casting Products

5. Injection Molding Machine Victor Taichung

Victor Taichung is a manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines and injection molding machines.

Site: www.pharmaceutical-machine.com

Plastic Injection Molding Injection Molding Machine VE-Series VS-Series

6. Ji-Yang Plastic Handle

Manufacturer of plastic handles, plastic buckles, hooks, slides, loops and rings, ladder locks, cord locks, shoulder pads, food stands, bottom cases, side wheels, cart systems, card tags and others.

Site: www.plastic-jiyang.com

Plastic Buckle Plastic Part Manufacturer Side Wheel Shoulder Pad

7. Santo Mold Maker

Professional mold maker specializing in mold making, plastic injection molds, auto parts and custom hardware.

Site: www.moldplastic.com

Santo Plastic Injection Mold Santo Mold Making Santo Plastic Mold Santo Mold Manufacturer

8. Spro Tech Mold Maker

Spro Tech is an extensive experienced mold maker specializing in plastic injection molding, double plastic injection mold, die casting mold and gas assistant plastic mold.

Site: www.b2b-plastic-injection.com

Products Plastic Injection Mold Plastic Injection Service Two Color Injection Mold

9. Custom Composite Structures

Applications, materials, forming and machining of fiber reinforced custom composite structures of epoxy, polyester, and vinyl resin by PCT.

Site: www.pactinc.com

10. Custom injection molding

A full service manufacturer of high precision plastic injection molds, custom molded plastic components and complete "turn-key" assemblies.

Site: www.cjindustries.com

11. Harrison Electropolishing

Specializes in electropolishing, precision mechanical polishing, passivation, oxygen cleaning and chemical.

Site: www.harrisonep.com

Electropolishing Passivation Oxygen Cleaning Electropolishing Quote

12. Homer Custom Hardware

Manufacturer of custom hardware, door hardware, furniture hardware and automotive parts.

Site: www.b2bcustom-hardware.com

Custom Door Hardware Furniture Hardware Custom Automotive Parts Company Profile

13. Improve Your Injection Molding

Information that will make plastic injection molding companies more profitable through better practices such as proper injection mold design, part design, injection molding machine selection and more.

Site: www.improve-your-injection-molding.com

Injection Mold Design Machine Selection Energy Savings Used Machines

14. Metal Spinning

U.S. company specializing in metal spinning, hydroforming and fabricating virtually all types of metals since 1948.

Site: www.metalspun.com

Metal Spinning HydroForming CNC Lathe Contact Us

15. Pittsfield Plastic Injection Molding Company

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering provides a complete line of plastic spools, reels, cores and bobbins for wire solder film, textiles industries. We offer custom plastic spools and reels any size and color.

Site: pittsplas.com

Plastic spools Plastic injection molding Wire reels Plastic cores

16. Plastic Blow Molding Production

Established in 1972 Shun Yang is a manufacturer of plastic blow molding. Products include plastic bottles, industrial containers, entertainment plastic molding, autos parts and components, furnishing molding and much more.

Site: www.blow-moldings.com

Plastic Blow Molding Plastic Bottles Furnishing Molding Industrial Containers

17. PPCPInc

Investment castings and lost wax casting foundry meet the highest manufacturing standards and follow quality assurance procedures.

Site: www.ppcpinc.com

Lost Wax Casting Investment Casting Services Material Surcharge Information Metal Surcharge Information

18. Splendor Plastic Parts

Plastic mold maker provides injection molding services for products such as plastic parts, rubber keypads and components, home appliances, computers parts, cell phone parts, and electronic parts.

Site: www.b2bplasticparts.com

Splendor Rubber Keypads Splendor Plastic Molds Plastic Injection Molding Splendor Mold Maker

19. Wishsino International Group

Provides plastic mold making and designing services. Products include plastic injection molding, plastic blow molding, plastic lamp molding, plastic household mold, food packaging mold, and precision plastic mold.

Site: www.b2bplasticmold.com

Wishsino Mold Designs Wishsino Mold Making Wishsino Plastic Mold Wishsino Plastic Molding

20. Detail Technologies, LLC

Detail Technologies, LLC helps customers design and produce high-quality products in Wyoming, MI.

Site: www.detailtechnologies.com

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