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1. Alabama Institute for the Handicap

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind,located in Helen Keller's home state, is one of the country's most comprehensive resources for the education and service needs of people with vision and/or hearing loss.

Site: www.aidb.org

2. US Education

Find the root of all the answers on US education, department of education in the US, history of US Education, US schools and higher education, loans, scholarships and much more.

Site: www.educationzing.com

3. Beyond Play

Beyond Play focuses on young children with special needs bringing a selection of products that for early intervention.

Site: www.beyondplay.com

4. Laurel School of Princeton

The Laurel School of Princeton is a 1st through 8th grade school for children with dyslexia.

Site: www.laurelschoolprinceton.org

5. Speech Therapy for Children

Licensed and certified speech-language pathologists offer speech/language/and hearing screenings, speech evaluations, and speech therapy for children in Charlotte, NC.

Site: www.childspeechlanguage.com

Child-Based Speech Therapy Help for Autism in Charlotte Speech Therapy in Charlotte

6. The Childhood League

The Childhood League is based in Columbus, Ohio and helps children with developmental delays in the early childhood years.

Site: www.childhoodleague.org

7. Online Speech Therapy

We provide online speech therapy to school-aged children and adults.

Site: www.independentspeech.com

Disorders Evaluations Services Testimonials

8. The Newgrange School

The Newgrange School is a nonprofit school for special education in Hamilton, NJ.

Site: www.thenewgrange.org

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