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1. Dress Up Games for Girls

Play dress up games online with Sky Breeze and her friends with the latest in teen fashion dress up games. Sky Breeze Games has the best dress up games for girls online.

Site: www.skybreezegames.com

2. LifeSavers Games

Life Savers Candystand has great free online shockwave games including Sports, Arcade, Card, Multiplayer, Trivia, Extreme Sports

Site: www.candystand.com

3. Bonus.com« - Fun and Games - NetScooter«

Bonus.com - Fun and Games - features over 2,400 fun,free, online activities for Kids. Free Games, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Build Things, Explore and More!

Site: www.bonus.com

4. Play MASH Online

Remember the MASH (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House) game you used to play when you were a little kid, to predict what your life would be like when you grow up? Now you can play it online.

Site: www.playmash.com

5. Pauly's Game Page

Free online interactive games and activities for children 3 and up.

Site: www.paulysplayhouse.com

6. Zoopz.com | Mind Games

Zoopz.com - Games that make you think. Digital arcade and creative arts activites especially for kids.

Site: www.zoopz.com

7. Free Online Games - Crazybone!

Fun Stuff for Kids - Free Online Games, Jokes, Free Email, Magic Tricks, and much much more... !

Site: www.crazybone.com

8. A World for Kids

Free coloring pages, kid crafts, Pokemon stuff and online Community, online games and contests.

Site: kidspirit.com

9. Gamequarium

A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games and activities for Pre-School through Grade 6 students.

Site: www.gamequarium.com

10. Intro to Pauly's Playhouse.com

Free online interactive games and activities for children 3 and up.

Site: www.paulysplayhouse.com

11. Free Flash Games

Free Online Flash Games Directory, Play Great Flash Games Added by Noted Authors and Submit Your Own Flash Game for Exposure and Feedback!

Site: www.sess.net

12. Safe Internet for Kids

KiddoNet is the place to be to make your own home page, create comics, get your own Email, send funny greetings, solve ancient mysteries, be a graffiti artist, and more!

Site: www.kiddonet.com

13. Switch Zoo - Make New Animals

Switch Zoo is a site were kids can make there own animals. The kids could use the animals' heads, legs and tails to make new creatures at this surrealistic virtual zoo. Thousands of possible combinations!

Site: www.switcheroozoo.com

14. MaMaMedia.com - The Place for Kids

A little imagination leads to big fun at MaMaMedia.com. Create cartoons, play challenging games, make wacky creatures, paint digital pictures, design and send animated cards and more. Discover by doing and create while clicking at this safe and surprising website.

Site: www.mamamedia.com

15. Learning Planet.com

LearningPlanet.com provides a treasure-chest of fun learning activities, educational games, printable worksheets, and powerful tools designed for homeschool, family, and classroom use. (math, reading, phonics, language, problem solving, grammar)

Site: www.learningplanet.com

16. Real Online Magic and Illuisons

Amazing optical illusions and magic tricks you can watch on your computer!

Site: www.realmagic.net

17. Welcome to Beanotown!

Voted 'Best Comic of all time' - now online! Games - with prizes! Cool toys! Crazy characters! Nifty shop!

Site: www.beanotown.com

18. KidsEdge - Educational Websites for Families

KidsEdge is designed to meet the learnig needs of the entire family. It's an educational website for families with 200+ online learning games. As well as 1500+ articles for parents, grandparents, and teachers on education and family issues. Educational store featuring best-selling products.

Site: www.kidsedge.com

19. Mission Z Communicator

Garfield Star Sleeper Mission Z game teaches kids how sleep works.

Site: www.nhlbi.nih.gov

20. Prongo.com is Interactive and Educational

Prongo.com is a Fun, Interactive, and Educational way to learn for kids.

Site: www.prongo.com

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