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1. Free Logic Puzzles

Riddle fanatics tend to dispute almost any proposed solution. A surprising number, though, do agree that the riddle, known as the Smith- Jones - Robinson classic, is a masterpiece of its kind

Site: www.misronet.com

2. MasterWord - Online Word Game

MasterWord is a free on-line interactive word game where you have to guess the four letter word that the computer is thinking of.

Site: www.masterword.co.uk

3. Internet Guessing Games

Fun Internet guessing games - Guess the Person, Guess the Animal, Guess the Object, AI guessing games loaded with Artificial Intelligence - safe for kids

Site: www.guessmaster.com

4. The Diamond 16 Puzzle

The classic 15 puzzle updated for the 21st century -- New permutations and striking graphics with surprising symmetry properties.

Site: m759.freeservers.com

5. Chockablock: A Tetris Style Game

Tetris style puzzle game - exceedingly simple, yet annoyingly addictive. Fit tetris style pieces into a grid to form filled blocks that vanish. Try to beat your own high scores and make the top players list.

Site: www.loquax.com

6. CombinationLock.com

Combination Lock is a free number puzzle game. Use the clues to work out the combination of the lock. World Hi Score charts.

Site: www.combinationlock.com

7. Lights Out Cube

The Lightsout Cube page - An emulator of Tiger toys Lightsout cube toy. The Lightsout cube is a work of art, easy to create, very hard to solve.

Site: www.gersolutions.com

8. Ken Shirriff: Rolling Cubes Puzzle

The Rolling Cubes Puzzle: This popular Java applet implements a surprisingly difficult puzzle, where you roll colored cubes around.

Site: www.righto.com

9. The Lateral Puzzles Forum

lateralpuzzles.com is a discussion forum where fans of lateral thinking puzzles can set and interactively solve problems by asking questions. Challenging and fun!

Site: www.lateralpuzzles.com

10. Welcome to Dot-2-Dot-4-Fun

Dot2Dot4fun - The only site on the net dedicated to those who love Dot-2-Dot. Play the on-line game, you don't even need a pen!

Site: www.dot2dot4fun.co.uk

11. Rockz

Collect the diamonds - but avoid the Rockz

Site: rockz.co.uk

12. Yook.de - SameGame

Yook.de - Samegame. Try to remove all colored tiles from game field. Game features multiple levels and highscore list.

Site: www.yook.de

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