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1. Holy Bible Trivia

Holy Bible Trivia the free christian online game. A treasure full of christian, religious, bible trivia questions. Bible study tools such as; quizzes, tests, and puzzles.

Site: www.holybibletrivia.org

2. ChatGames Live Interactive Trivia Quiz

ChatGames features challenging new trivia quizzes and word puzzles daily. Interactive trivia quiz games broadcast regularly by live game hosts. Competitive monthly scoring.

Site: www.chatgames.com

3. Cartoonbuddy.com

General knowledge,cartoon,montys cartoon buddy club,legend of the zany penguin people story,with general knowledge facts,quiz-games,humour,trivia,history,pictures.

Site: www.cartoonbuddy.com

4. Trivia Hall of Fame

Trivia players world-wide jockey for position on the Trivia Hall of Fame. A new game and 12 new questions every week. Each question is researched and sourced. More available on request.

Site: www.triviahalloffame.com

5. Fun Trivia Quizzes

The world's largest and most popular trivia website with over 600,000 trivia questions and quizzes

Site: www.funtrivia.com

6. OpenTrivia

Play Trivia Games in many different categories, submit questions, and download the trivia data for your own use.

Site: www.opentrivia.com

7. Trivia Spot Games

Free Trivia Games. Trivia questions, trivia games, word puzzles, trivia community, interactive trivia games.

Site: www.triviaspot.com

8. Trivia Wars Game

Trivia company's trivia Wars Game is loaded with over 150,000 trivia questions to challenge your brain.

Site: www.triviawars.com

9. Actionquiz.com

ActionQuiz, A Trivia Quiz game where you play against computer opponents in categories such as movies, science, literature, geography, computers, classical and pop music.

Site: www.actionquiz.com

10. All Trivia Game

Trivia game similar to the popular TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Site: www.alltrivia.net

11. CorumSpot :: Classic Trivia

CorumSpot Classic Trivia. Answer 10 questions correctly and make the Trivia Hall-of-Fame.

Site: corumspot.com

12. Daily Boggle

A new boggle every day! A short trivia question for visitors, updated daily! One simple but baffling, interesting and boggling question! Visit every day to brighten your day and stimulate the mind. Boggle suggestions welcome, and support appreciated!

Site: www.dailyboggle.bravehost.com

13. Holiday Trivia and Quiz

It's a wonderful life trivia quiz to test ones knowledge on the holidays.

Site: www.holidayquiz.com

14. Interactive Trivia Quizzes

Interactive quiz site. Hundreds of quizzes each with 15 questions just like Millionaire, so questions go from easy to hard. Loads of categorized as well as general knowledge quizzes.

Site: www.triv.net

15. ThirdAge: 2-Minute Trivia Challenge

Living - ThirdAge's 2-Minute Trivia Challenge -- test your know-how on Olympic records, Beatles trivia, nicknames, celebrities, and more!

Site: www.thirdage.com

16. Tizy Quiz Free Trivia Game

A multiple choice quiz game scored monthly. The questions start out easy and get harder as your score increases. Rankings posted in real time. Play the same game all month. Totally free!

Site: www.tizy.com

17. Trivia Cafe

Trivia Cafe offers the free trivia question of the day, weekly contests, calendar of trivia events, trivia question sets and trivia book.

Site: www.triviacafe.com

18. Web Trivia

This a totally ONLINE Web-Based Multiplayer Trivia game! Scores reset monthly, all-time high scores maintained. Can you get the top score this month?

Site: aaagames.com

19. Cascoly Free Online Trivia Games

Cascoly free online games: trivia, geography guessing games, trivia, history, geography, shakespeare, dinosaurs

Site: cascoly.com

20. Just How Irish Are You?

Take this quiz and test your knowlrdge on the Irish.

Site: www.ireland-information.com

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