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1. Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) and Starting Chemotherapy

Learn about Neulasta and helping support your natural defenses when beginning your chemotherapy treatment.

Site: www.neulasta.com

2. FASLODEX® (fulvestrant) Injection 500 mg

Find FASLODEX 500 mg dosing information, including the recommended dose for the first month of treatment as well as monthly dosage information.

Site: www.faslodex.com

3. Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer

Review clinical data on the effectiveness of hormone-receptor breast cancer medicine.

Site: www.faslodex.com

4. Protection Against Infection from Chemotherapy Treatment

Learn about Neulasta (pegfilgrastim, a white cell booster for anyone beginning chemotherapy treatments and learn about how to help protect against infection.

Site: www.neulasta.com

5. CML Leukemia

Learn about CML Leukemia and a treatment option for adult patients with CML who no longer benefit from or cannot tolerate Gleevec (imatinib mesylate).

Site: www.sprycel.com

6. Hormone Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Firmagon® (degarelix) works toward achieving low testosterone levels for patients with advanced prostate cancer. Learn more about Firmagon® (degarelix).

Site: https:

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