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1. Steven Newman - Worldwalker

The official site with biography, resources, forums, and contacts.

Site: www.theworldwalker.com

2. The Best Exercise is Walking

Expounds the virtues of walking, listing the benefits and linking to sites that go deeper into the various benefits.

Site: www.aboutwalking.50megs.com

3. Metro Toronto Fitness Club Powerwalking

Training tips and event listing for competitive fitness walkers. Also club information and links.

Site: www.powerwalking.com

4. The Walk Zone

Contains a collection of walks from various locations in the United Kingdom, plus some from travels to mountainous regions overseas. Includes description, photos and some maps.

Site: www.thewalkzone.co.uk

5. Walking Channel.Com

Defines power walking, how to train, walking stories, marathon training, links to other walking topics, magazines and events.

Site: www.walkingchannel.com

6. WoW Company - Walk on Water

Physical fitness creates an `anything is possible' attitude toward life and work that is the foundation for excellence. The site offers walking programs for individuals and groups

Site: www.wowcompany.net

7. A Resource for Walkers

How to start and maintain a fitness walking program, and where to find walking information. FAQ, clubs, links. Tips for beginners, racewalking, events, marathons, and walking gear.

Site: www.thewalkingsite.com

8. Discovery Walk Festival

Yearly IVV-IML walking festival in April in Vancouver, Washington. Features walking marathons, half-marathons, 10 KM and 5 KM walks.

Site: www.discoverywalk.org

9. Health Walkers Inc.

Offers online statistical tracking of fitness activities and goal progress for clubs and individuals. Also provides events to help set and achieve personal goals.

Site: www.healthwalkers.com

10. JustWalk.com

Membership site providing information and resources for tracking fitness progress and other goals.

Site: www.justwalk.com

11. Marathon Walking

Information and tips on walking marathons. Includes training schedules, marathon calendar, and testimonials.

Site: www.marathonwalking.com

12. Stonehut

Information about walking and being outdoors. From mountains to rambling this website is for walkers and features a magazine, members area, and online shop.

Site: www.stonehut.com

13. Total Fitness Network

Therese Iknoian walking expert and coach offers personal coaching, training tips, a product buying guide and expert advice on walking techniuqes.

Site: www.totalfitnessnetwork.com

14. Walking 101

A resource for walkers of all shapes, sizes and styles. Articles on the benefits of walking, walking tips for seniors and kids, links to injury prevention, books on walking, walking music, and race walking.

Site: www.walking101.com

15. Walking Connection

Leads multi-active adventures to some of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Site: www.walkingconnection.com

16. Walking Healthy.com

Information on walking for the non-competitive athlete, includes tips on technique, shoe selection, warming up and cooling down.

Site: www.walkinghealthy.com

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