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1. Psychiatry Information

Covers topics like psychiatric drugs, withdrawal symptoms, drug side effects and other subjects related to psychiatry.

Site: www.psychiatry.info

2. Mental Health Resources - Find Counseling.com

Mental health portal presenting health, wellness, and disability resources and featuring a nationwide directory of all types of therapists. Includes daily psychology news and research briefs, an interactive glossary, and in-depth journal articles.

Site: www.findcounseling.com

Psychology News & Research Mental Health Glossary Psychology Articles Hospitals Directory

3. Maven Health & Wellness

Calgary & Vancouver based psychologists focusing on treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety treatment, and depression counseling.

Site: www.mavenhealth.com

Psychotherapy Assessment Life Coaching Syle Coaching

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

A Place of Hope for a whole person post traumatic stress disorder treatment and your PTSD symptoms. PTSD, anxiety and depression treatment center.

Site: www.aPlaceofHopeforPTSD.com

5. Rethink Anxiety Disorders

Learn how to recover from the misery of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Tips and techniques for coping with panic disorder and discussion of various treatments for anxiety. Advice on caring for family members or getting treatment for yourself.

Site: www.rethink-anxiety-disorders.com

Anxiety Disorders Panic Attack Treatment Anxiety Attacks Treatments for Anxiety

6. Ansiedade e Sindrome do Panico

O Sem Pânico oferece tratamento para ansiedade e síndrome do pânico. Acabe com os ataques de pânico rapidamente.

Site: www.sempanico.com

Tratamento Ansiedade Panico

7. Bipolar Lives

Guide to bipolar disorder, treatments, medications, symptoms and more. Includes information on most reliable bipolar test, support groups, diet, memory loss, and support groups.

Site: www.bipolar-lives.com

Bipolar Test Bipolar Symptoms Bipolar Support groups Bipolar Medications

8. Dental Phobia and Anxiety

Dental Fear Central provides information, tips and resources for anyone suffering with dental phobias or fears. Includes a busy support forum and a database of phobic-friendly dentists.

Site: www.dentalfearcentral.org

9. Eating Disorder Treatment Center

A Place of Hope had provided compassionate treatment for eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating for 25 years.

Site: www.CaringOnline.com

10. Feelbetter Counselling East London

Anxiety treatment begins with accepting your fears and learning new ways of thinking about your problems. If you understand what's going on and are ready to take action you can make needed life changes to allow you to cope with anxiety.

Site: www.feelbetter-counselling-eastlondon.com

11. Psychology and Mental Health Directory

Psychology.com is a psychology, mental health, therapy and therapist directory for people interested in finding a therapist or a mental health clinic.

Site: www.psychology.com

12. Self Improvement Health

Self-improvement-health.com is dedicated to helping those suffering from emotional stress, anxiety and depression symptoms. Tips to stay healthy.

Site: self-improvement-health.com

13. Autism services

Nua Healthcare providers’ autism services. Autism is a disability that affects the normal development of the brain in areas of social interaction and communication.

Site: www.nuahealthcare.ie

14. EMDR Therapist Network

Directory of EMDR therapists and trainers, with articles and blogs on EMDR and trauma topics such as PTSD, bullying and divorce, for US, Australia and international regions.

Site: www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com

Learn About EMDR Therapy EMDR Videos Find an EMDR Therapist EMDR Therapist Network Blog

15. How To Overcome Depression

Visit Lifescript today to get the latest news, expert advice, and up-to-date information about depression, including risk factors, symptoms & treatment.

Site: www.lifescript.com

16. Memory Improvement Tools

A resource of memory improvement tools and exercises to enhance short and long term memory. Includes information on recognizing the signs of dementia

Site: www.memory-improvement-tools.com

17. Memory Loss Facts

Offers memory loss facts. Includes brain exercises, dementia treatment, brain injury symptoms, brain facts, and brain fitness exercises. Provides info on memory vitamins, early onset dementia, and the causes of memory loss.

Site: www.memory-loss-facts.com

Brain Facts Causes of Memory Loss Memory Vitamins Memory Testing

18. Anxiety Attack Treatment

Take back control of your life through A Place of Hope’s anxiety disorders treatment center. No more anxiety or panic attacks so you can enjoy people, places and experiences without obsessive worry or fear.

Site: www.APlaceOfHopeAnxietyTreatment.com

19. Facing Bipolar

Find information on bipolar disorder, its treatment, and how to get support from family, friends, and community.

Site: www.facingbipolar.com

20. Journey Through Grief

The best way through grief is to share its burden with others. Join Janelle Hertzler in her grief journey. Learn to express your trauma, anger, guilt and depression with the use of grief poems, memory books and more. These tools will lead you to healing.

Site: journey-through-grief.com

Make Memory Books Dealing with Grief Grief Poetry Trauma Awareness and Healing

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