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1. Non-Prescription Colored Contacts

This site offers free tips and info helping you find regular- or colored contact lenses.

Site: www.clear-lenses.com

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2. Contact Lens

Win a year supply of contact lenses including disposables, colored, daily, rigid, and soft contacts. Itís free to enter.

Site: www.winfreecontactlenses.com

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4. Contact Lens

Contacts Forum - General contact lens care questions and application queries. Talk knowledgeable vision community members.

Site: www.lens101.com

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5. Contact Lense Information

Find information on all brands of contact lenses, lense care tips and choosing the right brand.

Site: www.contactlenseinformation.com

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Contact Lense Care Contact Lense Prescription Best Contact Lenses Free Trial Contact Lenses

6. Contact lenses

Eyeglasses news, reviews and FAQs. Browse by manufacturers and types to find all the information you need when looking to buy new Glasses.

Site: www.eyetopics.com

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7. Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are spider-webs or squiggly lines that float around your field of vision. For people suffering from blurry vision and annoying flashes of light the site gives information for eliminating eye floaters forever.

Site: www.eyefloaters.info

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Eye Floaters Cure Vitreous Floaters

8. Lasik Eye Surgery Information

LasikEyeSurgery.org is designed to tell you all you need to know about Lasik surgery, from what it is to where to finding the best surgeon in your area.

Site: www.lasikeyesurgery.org

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9. Ultralase Clinic UK

Laser eye surgery from Ultralase, the UK laser vision correction specialists. Experts in eye treatments for short sight, long sight and astigmatism such as lasik eye surgery, lasek, wavefront, intraocular, ck, intralase, and more.

Site: www.ultralase.com

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