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1. Cook's Illustrated Recipes

Providing foolproof recipes that work for cooks of all skill levels, unbiased ratings of cookware and kitchen equipment, and taste tests of brand-name supermarket ingredients.

Site: www.cooksillustrated.com

2. Good Cooking

Presents a wide range of recipes and information on general or gourmet cooking, world cuisines, and wine. Offers cooking definitions, facts, a forum, and professional recipes.

Site: www.goodcooking.com

3. Recipes and Food Articles

Recipeshare.ca is a social community that connects people that have an interest in food and drinks. Visitors will find recipes updated weekly and food articles. Members are encouraged to submit recipes and try out recipes submitted by other readers.

Site: www.recipeshare.ca

Appetizers Meat Recipes Pasta Recipes Seafood Recipes

4. Everyday Cook

Recipes and general cooking information.

Site: www.everydaycook.com

5. Ochef.com

Provides answers to cooking questions, as well as daily recipes, cookbook reviews, and food and cooking news.

Site: www.ochef.com

6. Betty Crocker

Meal planning, award winning recipes, menu suggestions and special occasion tips.

Site: www.bettycrocker.com

7. Anna Maria's Open Kitchen

Step-by-step illustrated Italian recipes for tiramisu, pasta, lasagna, risotto, gnocchi and much more, articles and food newsletter.

Site: www.annamariavolpi.com

8. HungryMonster.com

Large collection of recipes, menus, food glossary, brief descriptions of international cuisines, jokes and humor, and restaurant reviews.

Site: www.hungrymonster.com

9. My Dear Chef

Recipes, drinks, sharing, foodtips; recipes from all over the world.

Site: www.mydearchef.com

10. Aunt Lynnie's Kitchen

Features recipes, cooking tips, emergency ingredient substitutions, and information on how to fix cooking goofs such as sticky rice or lumpy gravy.

Site: auntlynnie.freeservers.com

11. Foodgeeks.com

Sharing site offering a collection of over 6000 recipes, discussion group and recipe box available. Also offers newsletter.

Site: foodgeeks.com

12. CooksRecipes.com

A cooking site offering online culinary help, a searchable index of recipes, daily tips and trivia.

Site: www.cooksrecipes.com

13. Asian-Recipes

There's never been a better time to discover or extend your repertoire of Asian recipes, and this Asian-Recipes portal is the very best to start!

Site: www.asian-recipes.com

14. Recipe-For.com

A collection of 10,000 recipes including regional, ethnic and vegetarian dishes.

Site: www.recipe-for.com

15. The Recipe Link

Recipes, daily menus, daily news, fora, and newsletter.

Site: www.recipelink.com

16. 911 Chef Eric

Features recipes, a culinary dictionary, a newsletter, and a virtual cooking school.

Site: www.911cheferic.com

17. David's Cooking

Offers recipes, descriptions of ingredients and equipment, book recommendations, and an annotated links page.

Site: www.davidscooking.com

18. The Love Chef

Recipes, and weekly cooking, restaurant and shopping tips.

Site: www.thelovechef.com

19. PerfectEntertaining.com

Cooking, recipes and book reviews.

Site: www.perfectentertaining.com

20. The Kitchen at OneCook.com

Providing tips and tricks, conversion tables, discussion boards, and recipes.

Site: www.onecook.com

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