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1. Who Is Fabio

Follow Fabio Cuffaro on his journey of personal development. Through his own experience he goes on to explain what he has learned.

Site: www.fabiocuffaro.com

Personal Development

2. Jonathan Stewart's Brighton Blog

Jonathan Stewart's blog, containing links to stupid stuff I've found on the internet, and my own personal digital photo collection.

Site: www.jonathanstewart.co.uk

3. African Refugees

Reflections on the life and times of African refugees in Australia.

Site: africanrefugees.blogspot.com

4. Bonds & Real Estate Issues

Focused on the FASB bond ratings system, The Rankings Debate is trying to bring issues to the forefront of public attention.

Site: www.theratingsdebate.com

The Problem with Ratings Is the Ratings System Broken? When an Obligor Misses a Payme Changing the Ratings System

5. Health Insurance Quotes

HealthInsuranceQuotes.org provides health insurance news and quotes from the top health insurance providers.

Site: www.healthinsurancequotes.org

6. Medical Insurance

MedicalInsurance.org is a blog that is updated regularly with the latest news and tips the medical insurance industry.

Site: www.medicalinsurance.org

7. Volunteer Abroad Blog

Get the latest volunteer travel news on the Volunteer Latin America blog. Browse through articles about volunteering abroad and real time South America travel blogs

Site: www.volunteerlatinamerica.com

9. Sports Photography Blog

A sports photography blog with tips, tricks, tutorials and videos; as well as information photography, equipment and more.

Site: sports-photography-blog.com

10. Term Life Insurance

TermLifeInsurance.org provides the latest news, tips and a fun take on the term life insurance industry with a regularly updated blog.

Site: www.termlifeinsurance.org

11. The Humor Blog

Posting hilarious stuff such as videos, caption images, traditional jokes, and quotes from popular comedy TV series and live stand-up performers. Other cool articles include optical illusions, tongue twisters to do with mates and free games to play!

Site: www.thehumorblog.com

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