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1. News for HDTV

News and commentary on the latest developments in the High Definition Television markets.

Site: www.hdtv-news.co.uk

2. Camera Phones

Digital camera phones news, covering the latest in technology in digital cameras and camera phones.

Site: www.camera-core.co.uk


CCTV news, covering the latest deployments of CCTV technology in society.

Site: www.cctv-core.co.uk

4. Mobile Gazette

News and information on GSM and 3G phones in Europe and worldwide.

Site: www.mobilegazette.com

5. New Technology

Information on new technology, new technology blogs and more.

Site: www.newtechnologytv.com

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6. PhotonSwarm

A futurology site with in-depth articles on future military, medical, space and social breakthroughs, and news on current and future technology and engineering.

Site: photonswarm.com

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