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1. Adventures in Advertising

Adventures in Advertising by Tom Delmundo. A weekly cartoonwritten by an advertising guy with apparently waaaay too much time onhis hands.

Site: tomdelmundo.com

2. Insanity's Home on the Net

The Funniest Site on the Internet, Insanity's Home on the Net, weird humor, senseless humor, Bill Clinton Ate My Balls, very funny, Oprah, have another twinkie

Site: www.dougroberson.com

3. The Cynic's Sanctuary

A Website for Disgruntled Idealists, Stressed-Out Captives of Corporate Life, Dilbert Fans, Liberal Artists, Scalawags and Curmudgeons, Literate Cyberpunks, Budding Satirists, Ill-Humored Humorists, and the Politically Incorrect.

Site: www.i-cynic.com

4. Home for Bastards

A Site by a Bastard for Bastards - Because, sometimes you have to abandon principles and do what's right

Site: www.bastardpowered.com

5. The Dumbing Down of America

The Dumbing Down of America - Why we are Dumber than we used to be.

Site: www.protext.com

6. Bob's Fridge Door - Bob Hirschfeld

Satire and humor on the news and Net are posted on the virtual fridge door of Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld.

Site: www.bobsfridge.com

7. Chihuahuaboy - Satire Zine

Chihuahuaboy: monthly on-line humor magazine and free web resource directory includes humor, bizzare features, comics,sick jokes, webmaster resources, free stuff, and guided web tours to the weirdest, worst, and most useless stuff on-line

Site: www.chihuahuaboy.com

8. Culture Dept. - Cybermad Brand Internet

The Culture Dept. - Cybermad Brand Internet. Providing satire, humor, free cookies and a very strange web surfing experince. Comedy best described as Wired and SNL meets Pokemon, but not really. Don't catch 'em all. Go back to sleep.

Site: www.cybermad.com

9. Dictator for Hire

Employment agency for dictators (satire).

Site: www.dictatorforhire.com

10. BilgeBucket.com - The BilgeBucket Gazette

The BilgeBucket Gazette is a satirical webzine that specializes in shoveling it to the public.

Site: www.bilgebucket.com

11. The Bentinel

We mock the news, so you don't have to! News satire/parody that your whole family can enjoy. No profanity or offensive content. Updated daily.

Site: theeschalot.com

12. The Enduring Vision

A satirical website featuring over 700 pieces of original content including satirical news, movie reviews, characters, picture adventures, and much more. Updated every Sunday.

Site: www.enduringvision.com

13. Welcome to the Beige Site

Do you remember how old people were when you were a kid?

Site: www.thebeigesite.co.uk

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