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1. Cat and Dog Names

Choosing the perfect name for your pet. Cat, kitten, dog and puppy names based on color, gender, ethnic and other features.

Site: www.cat-dog-names.com

2. The PetWork

Lost and found listings and a directory of pet businesses, animal shelters, vets, and animal organizations.

Site: petwork.wordpress.com

3. Index of Famous Critters

Reference for names of animals featured on TV and in movies.

Site: www.citizenlunchbox.com

4. NewPet.com

Resources for new and soon-to-be pet owners including choosing the right pet, care and ownership costs, discussions, safety precautions, pet adjustment, housebreaking, feeding, grooming, travel, names, photographs, and stories.

Site: www.newpet.com

5. Petalia

Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter.

Site: www.petalia.com.au

6. AlphaHorse

Learn about horses, their care, training and riding through a comprehensive set of articles and an assortment of games.

Site: www.alphahorse.com

7. Pet Guardian Angels of America

General and health articles about pets, book recommendations, and links.

Site: www.pgaa.com

8. Pet Love Shack

Includes cartoons, recipes, pictures, and information about animal care, pet welfare and shelters.

Site: www.petloveshack.com

9. The AnimalNet

Search engine and Directory, information and community sections all centered around animals.

Site: www.theanimalnet.com

10. The Furry Critter Network

Features animal classifieds including ads for rescue organizations, animal adoptions, pet adoption and pets for sale.

Site: www.furrycritter.com

11. Bow Wow Meow

Dog and cat names, their popularity, meanings and ratings.

Site: www.bowwow.com.au

12. Breeders Club

Provides listings of breeders of dogs and cats. Also offers pet merchandise, vet advice, and tips.

Site: www.breedersclub.net

13. Furr Angels

Stories of adopted dogs and cats, along with information about shelter pets, feral cats, and health, and chat forums.

Site: www.furr-angels.com

14. Carefree Vet veterinarians

The carefree vet is your source for locating local veterinarians, veterinary clinics, and veterinary specialists.

Site: www.carefreevet.com

15. Cherished Moments

Information and tips including names, choosing a caring for a new pet, gift ideas, memorials, safety and pet-friendly hotels.

Site: www.thecherishedmoments.com

16. Paw-Talk.net

Chat forum for pet owners and animal lovers. Noticeboard, surveys and articles.

Site: www.paw-talk.net

17. Pawsperous Pets

Features a place for pet lovers to celebrate their love of animals through pet stories, humor, and articles.

Site: www.pawsperouspets.com

18. Pet Pics

Pet photographs, stories, and jokes.

Site: www.petpics.co.uk

19. Disabled Animals' Club

Provides point of contact for owners of animals with disabilities and offers links to eGroup contact, information and support sites.

Site: www.disabledanimalsclub.strayduck.com

20. Guinea Pigs World & Forums

Contains lots of information, advice and pictures about guinea pigs, their care and feeding as well as busy, active forums where members can get support from other breeders, rescuers and owners.

Site: www.pimms-pages.co.uk

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