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1. Famous Women Inventors

Profiles selected modern female inventors like Grace Hopper, Ruth Wakefield and Bette Nesmith Graham. These famous women inventors helped to shape the world as we know it over the last century.

Site: www.women-inventors.com

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2. Science Timeline

History of science timeline for biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and philosophy of science. This includes evolution, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, paleontology, neurology, psychology, cognition, astronomy, astrophysics, logic, computer simulation, linguistics, etc.

Site: www.sciencetimeline.net

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3. Evolution of the Conservation Movement

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850 - 1920, collection contains a multiformat collection of photographs, printed works (including government documents) and manuscripts documenting the Conservation movement in the United States. Features an album of paintings, photographs, and scientific and literary works produced by the Harriman Alaska Expedition in 1899

Site: memory.loc.gov

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4. A Science Odyssey

A Science Odyssey presents the people and the discoveries of twentieth century science and technology in a variety of accessible, entertaining, and interactive Web features.

Site: www.pbs.org

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5. Ancient Greek Science

Learn about the scientists of Ancient Greece, what they have contributed to science and a little info. about their background.

Site: www.angelfire.com

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6. Museum - History of Science

Website of the IMSS in Florence, Italy, housing many significant historical scientific instruments, texts and manuscripts, in particular those of Galileo Galilei. Offers many online interactive catalogues, libraries, exhibits and learning activities.

Site: galileo.imss.firenze.it

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7. Science and Technology Odyssey - CybersPace

Timeline of Physics, Technology, Mathematics,Technology,and chronology

Site: www.science-ebooks.com

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8. Evolution and the Historical Sciences

Academic discussion on systematics, evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, historical linguistics, geology, archaeology, and other historical sciences.

Site: rjohara.net

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9. Green Lion Press

Green Lion Press's home page. Our mission: providing access to sources in history of science.

Site: www.greenlion.com

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10. Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions Museum of Microscopy. This site contains a museum of classical microscopes ranging from the first European microscopes built in the sixteenth century to modern microscopes from around the world.

Site: micro.magnet.fsu.edu

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11. Calendars Through the Ages

History and FAQ's of calendars, from ancient Rome to outer space. Including Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic, Chinese, and Mayan.

Site: webexhibits.org

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12. History of Science Museum - Oxford

Website of the museum of the history of science, oxford.

Site: www.mhs.ox.ac.uk

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