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1. G. Stolzenberg - Debunking the Sokal Affair

debunkings of allegations by science warriors, such as Alan Sokal, Steven Weinberg, Paul Boghossian, Thomas Nagel and Paul R. Gross, about science-abuse in the humanities and social sciences

Site: math.bu.edu

2. Canadian Science and Innovation Consortium

CSIIC groups together Canadian researchers from different disciplines and provinces. The researchers are all interested in the quantitative aspects of science and innovation (e.g. indicators) and work together to develop an integrated approach.

Site: www.csiic.ca

3. Irish Science Centres Association Network

...fostering and promoting the public understanding of science and technology in Ireland.

Site: www.iscan.ie

4. Technology and Society Center

A nonprofit educational and research organization based in Washington, D.C. that studies the social effects of technology.

Site: www.tecsoc.org

5. 2think.org

A most enlightening site. Explore it, learn from it, live it. If you don't click here you are really missing out!

Site: www.2think.org

6. Science for People

Science for People -- news from the lab without a lot of jargon.

Site: www.scienceforpeople.com

7. Science in Action

Comments on weird and wonderful science in the real world. A resource to help overcome ignorance in science and math by making them relevant, interesting, and fun.

Site: sxxz.blogspot.com

8. Stem Cell Miracles

Adult stem cell research source shows human brain repair, improvements in degenerative disorders and strokes, includes info on improvements in a great variety of health problems including anti-aging, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more.

Site: www.stem-cell-miracles.com

Stem cell research facts Stem cell research statistics history of stem cell research Stem cell research controversy

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