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1. Crime Magazine

Crime Magazine is about true crime, prisons, courts, serial killers, trials, holocaust, fugitives, murder, death penalty, lindbergh, sharon kinne, books, police, FBI, movies, hollywood.

Site: crimemagazine.com

2. Crime Library

Stories on: crime, gangsters, serial killers, terrorits, spies, assassins and classic crime stories.

Site: www.crimelibrary.com

3. The Crime Portal.com

Comprehensive portal to crime sites on the web. Features popular crime searches, best of the web, and a full directory of crime sites.

Site: www.thecrimeportal.com

4. Beyond Identity Theft

Providing knowledgeable insight of identity theft and the most successful methods to help protect your identity. Become aware of identity theft scams and find simple, helpful tips for prevention that anyone can implement.

Site: beyondidentitytheft.com

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5. Crime Safety Security and Prevention

Crime prevention guidance for women and parents – from home, street, and car to school, workplace, and travel – and all related dangers.

Site: www.crime-safety-security.com

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6. Identity Theft Protection

Offers services and tools for protection against identity theft and credit card frauds.

Site: www.identityedge.com

7. Rape-Related Pregnancy & Pregnancy Loss

Website with information, resources and links on rape-related pregnancy and pregnancy loss, also covering pregnancy and parenting after rape and issues for partners, family and friends. Created by someone who's experienced rape-related pregnancy herself.

Site: www.pregnancypages.webs.com

8. Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock identity theft protection service compared to the competition. Features full unbiased identity protection company reviews and general identity theft news and tips.

Site: www.identitytheftlabs.com

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9. Mystery Crime Scene

A resource for the mystery crime buff. Mystery crime TV shows/movies, mystery crime books and games, murder mystery parties, crime scene careers, injustice and more.

Site: www.mysterycrimescene.com

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