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1. Veritas Ministries

Veritas Ministries provides informed answers from a Christian perspective to bioethical issues emerging from assisted reproductive technologies, abortion, euthanasia, cloning, genetic engineering, stem cell research, health care allocation, and more.

Site: www.veritasministries.com

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2. Apologetics.org

Christian apologetics website tackling tough apologetics questions about evolution and creation, the reliability of Scripture and historical evidences for the Bible.

Site: www.apologetics.org

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3. Aletheuo - Speaking the Truth

Christian apologetics and objective truth, essays, Flash challenge, and other online resources.

Site: www.apologetics.net

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4. Apologetics

A summary of conclusions and data needed to formulate a correct worldview.

Site: www.latebreakingreality.com

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5. Christian CADRE

Christian Apologetics Debate, Research, Evangleism (CADRE)-- research and dissemination of the best apologetical defense of the faith on the Internet; existence of God, truth of the Bible, historicity of Jesus and the Resurrection, Jesus as Messiah, power of prayer, scientific evidence.

Site: christiancadre.org

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6. The Academy of Christian Apologetics

Equipping believers to articulate and defend the historic Christian faith in a way that will stand up to intellectual criticism.

Site: hisdefense.org

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7. Apologetics Information Ministry

AIM strives to provide solid Biblical teaching on many pertinent issues. There is a variety of information on Christian Doctrine, apologetics, cults, the occult, world religions, and non-Christian philosphies on this site.

Site: www.apologeticsinfo.org

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8. Faith Facts

The Christian Information Foundation is a non-denominational ministry that seeks to use reason and evidence to promote Biblical Christianity.

Site: https:

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9. Christian Answers Network

One of the largest Christian Web sites - providing answers to important questions about life, faith, religion, creation, worldviews, and more.

Site: www.christiananswers.net

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10. Clarifying Christianity

Explains and helps people understand God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and how to get to heaven. Includes information on angels, creation, evolution, science, dinosaurs, finding a church, cults, bible translations in many languages, and even losing weight with a Bible.

Site: www.clarifyingchristianity.com

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11. Clarion Voice

For over 30 years Lawrence Hilliard has taught theology, philosophy, religion, politics and creation.In an anthropocentric world Mr. Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective.

Site: www.clarionvoice.com

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