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1. The Baseball Scorecard

A tutorial on scorekeeping for the casual baseball fan.

Site: www.baseballscorecard.com

2. Baseball Scorebook

Large size for 10 players, 10 innings, and full data. Includes instructions, a batting average table, and extra-inning score boxes. Each set for 25 games includes a scorebook, 25 3-part lineup sheets, and a mechanical pencil.

Site: www.baseballbythenumbers.com

3. Create Your MLB 2000 Schedule

Enter teams, times, dates, and other specifications, and receive a personalized schedule of games.

Site: www.cs.rochester.edu

4. Baseball Movies

Baseball Movie Guide - reviews, ratings, opinions and polls on baseball movies.

Site: www.baseballmovie.com

5. Guide to Youth Baseball Coaching

Guide to youth baseball coaching including youth bat reviews, pitching basics and strategies,outfield drills and catching. Includes info on baseball equipment, outfield gloves, scorekeeping,training aids and more.

Site: www.learn-youth-baseball-coaching.com

Youth Baseball Bat Reviews Portable Pitching Mound Baseball Training Aids Baseball Score Keeping

6. Baseball Farming

BaseballFarming.com offers a score of free information on the rules of baseball, famous baseball players, little league baseball, tips for beginning baseball players, the right baseball equipment and more.

Site: www.baseballfarming.com

Baseball Hitting Baseball Lingo Baseballs Greatest Hitter Marine Corps Baseball

7. Mlb Groups

This site is created by a group of baseball fans with the intention of providing relevant and recent information for all the baseball teams.

Site: www.mlb-teams.com

8. Talk-Baseball.com

Discuss players, teams, stats, trivia, and other information that is baseball related.

Site: www.talk-baseball.com

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